1. The organisers reserve the right to change the rules and requirements throughout the event by notifying the participants beforehand.
  2. The Rules are an integral part of the Ticket, without which the Ticket has no legal power.
  3. Definitions used in the Rules have the same meaning in the Ticket.
  4. By paying for the Ticket, the Participant thus confirms that he has properly familiarised himself with the publicly announced Rules, that they have been fully disclosed and explained to him, that the Participant has understood and agrees with all the terms of the Rules and strictly undertakes to comply with them.
  5. Tickets are non-refundable.



I agree to the following terms and procedures and will abide by them throughout the event:

  1. I understand that I must act responsibly and carefully at the event, assessing my capabilities and abilities, and not endangering myself or others, including other participants and organisers of the event.
  2. I agree that all responsibility for non-compliance with the rules falls on me and I understand that the organisers of the event are not responsible for the occurrence of damage and compensation that arose from non-compliance with the rules or inappropriate behaviour.
  3. I promise not to damage the inventory of the organisers and other event participants, but in case of damage, take the blame and pay the damages.
  4. I confirm that I am aware of my health condition and that I have with me the medication and/or other medical equipment needed to support it. I am aware of my physical capabilities and take full responsibility for possible health disorders and occurrences.
  5. I understand that alcoholic beverages, psychotropic substances, weapons and other objects that may pose a risk to the health of participants or organisers cannot be consumed or possessed on the territory during the event. Energy drinks can only be consumed by adults.
  6. I agree to be photographed and/or filmed, and photos and videos would be published on websites and social networks.
  7. I agree that FSA InfoSA will process my data and that of the contact person specified by me during registration when purchasing tickets, in accordance with the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy of KTU SA.



 It is prohibited on Lan Party network:

  1. To use Lan Party network resources for commercial activities;
  2. To perform actions infringing the rights of a natural or legal person protected by the laws on copyright, related rights and intellectual property rights. Such acts include, but are not limited to:
    1. Installing, using, storing or distributing software in violation of the requirements of a licence or in the absence of a licence;
    2. Illegally copying or distributing copyrighted works.
  3. Perform intentional or reckless acts that interfere with the operation of a computer network or users of a network through unauthorised use or modification of systems or information. Such acts include, but are not limited to:
    1. Spreading computer viruses;
    2. Flooding network channels with unnecessary packets;
    3. The distribution of spam (SPAM);
    4. Unauthorised scanning of network services;
    5. Unauthorised access or attempted access to services;
    6. Interference with the operation of hardware.
  4. Any other action that may cause a computer security incident;
  5. Publishing or linking to harmful and intolerable information. Such information shall be deemed to include, but not be limited to:
    1. Information of a pornographic or erotic nature;
    2. Information that incites national, racial, ethnic or religious hatred or promotes terrorist violence;
    3. Information that is not factual, discrediting or insulting to an institution, states or private persons.
  6. Violation of the rules of use or equivalent rules of other networks whose services are used;
  7. Perform any other actions in violation of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, international treaties and other legal acts.

Taking into account the frequency of violations of the rules of conduct and other circumstances (causing danger to oneself or third parties), the event organiser has the right to ask attendees to leave the event without the right to return.

Unused time is not compensated, and money paid is not refunded.


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