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KTU “Santaka Valley” (K. Baršausko g. 59, Kaunas)

Yes! The event is located a couple of stops away from a train and bus stations! From Pašilės or Breslaujos stop’s you can easily reach “Santakos” slėnis by foot!

We do not have a parking lot for guests, but you should be able to find parking nearby.

As much as we love animals, they’ll have to remain at home.


Yes, but if you are planning on using anything more than your phone, you need to register for a media pass: (

During the event, all drinks and foods are forbidden in the auditorium. In the other parts of the venue, all snacks and drinks (including energy drinks), EXCEPT ALCOHOLIC DRINKS, are allowed.

The day part is open and free for ALL.

Minors aged 16 and over will be allowed to attend the night parts ONLY with parental consent:


Yes, but you will not earn points for your costume.

There will be a dressing room for cosplay participants.


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